Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Week Four: Celebration!

Opening night is finally here! A wise mentor once told me that celebration is as important as preparation. There's always ups and down on any journey- but the fact that you've arrived at all is a fact worth celebrating! It also allows us to mark the occasion and honor the work and preparation it took to get there- important things for our self-confidence and mental well-being. And what better way to celebrate than share the product of our labors with you!

Everyone is extremely excited to get to perform We (or Us) for an audience. As we were putting the final touches on the piece over the last week, it became evident that the last missing ingredient was you. You're the real breath of life, the lightning bolt that gives energy to our creations. We can only do so much for empty chairs- it's the energy that you share with us that allows us to make the best art we can. So come share We (or Us) with us, and let's celebrate the moment and all the moments that make this life special together!