Saturday, November 24, 2012

Welcome, Yes --- a Few Reasons Why Writing is Fun

Thoughts on Writing (Very Brief....)

I am the in-coming Something-or-other in Residence (writer? artist? token outsider?), and starting Saturday 01 December 2012, I will be in the Guest House for a few hours every Saturday, waiting to talk to...well, you, as a matter of fact.

As this picture above will verify, I have several talents, one of which is taking self-portraits in hotel mirrors (in this case, in a small guest house in Sri Lanka). We can talk about that if you stop by, but really, what I love to do is work with folks who just are trying to find a voice in writing. Ever want answers to questions like these??

How does one use the "I" voice?

What background information does my reader need?

Hasn't it all been said before?

Do I need to copyright my rough drafts?

Why is modern poetry so ugly and strange?

These are the kinds of things I love to talk about. My main publications have been in poetry, but I have won awards for essays, too, and I currently am finishing a work of fiction. Anything you want to write, I probably know somebody who knows somebody who can help make that happen.

First though we need to get a draft up and running. Feel free to stop by any time during my office slots (hours and so on will be posted here and on the Beach House website) and bring as little or much as you've gotten down so far.

You may have to knock loudly to get my attention, if I am staring raptly out the window of my second-floor office. I will be driving in to Santa Monica from the Mojave Desert. This picture below is not my house, but is a shot taken not too far away. Santa Monica will seem like paradise, other than the brief section of the 405 that I will be traversing.

Besides Saturday hours, we have an evening event coming up soon too, on a Monday night at the start of December. Local wit, writer, thinker, and painter Don Bachardy is coming to the Beach House to do an interview with me. One of the pictures we are going to talk about is his portrait of Jack Nicholson.

I just saw Bachardy do a marvelous talk at the Huntington Library last week, and he received a very warm welcome indeed. One of the issues will will cover on the Monday, 03 December, talk will be what makes art "good" or not, and how one makes interesting art given the burden of history. There will be a slide show, too, as part of this, about which more information will be available soon.

As a teasing introduction, though, here is a preview. This is one of the paintings we will be talking about. (This is NOT by Bachardy, but recently was on view in the National Portrait Gallery, London.)

I look forward to meeting my new friends in Santa Monica, and will be posting updates here on this site regularly. Until then, please look at your calendar and see if you can't come down next Saturday to introduce yourself and chat about writing, portraiture, hotel mirrors, or the desert versus the beach.

See you soon!

Charles Hood

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