Monday, January 6, 2014

Epiphany at the Beach

Greetings Santa Monickers, and all the ships at sea.
It is an epiphany here at the Marion Davies Beach House on the edge of the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica. Epiphany, January 6 in my father's Russian Orthodox religion, is the accepted date the Wise Men found the Christ child, guided by that star. Also known as Twelfth Night, it is the day we realize how special it is to be where we are. We look up and see what made us come to this place.

Over the next ten weeks I will be working on essays about public art and place making; public, arts and places. Exploring the amenities of the Annenberg Beach house and my offices in the Marion Davies residence.

What can creatives do to make a site a place? Does public art help or hinder that effort?  Does beach culture inform culture at the beach? Does politics, intellect and adult themes have a place in public, or should every public place be for children?   And who decides?

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