Saturday, June 29, 2019

Welcome to incoming Choreographer-in-Residence Paola Escobar!

Choreographer Paola Escobar begins her work onsite July 9, 2019 and continues developing a new site specific dance work through public performances October 4-6, 2019 (save the dates!)

The as-yet untitled project utilizes elements of flamenco, salsa and African dance to explore displacement and nomadism within contemporary society. You may see her at the Beach House testing ideas and movement or creating garment/sculpture explorations in preparation for her public performances later this fall. Please feel free to ask questions or say hello, or participate in a popup movement session as they occur.

Paola Escobar is a Colombian artist who creates transcultural work that combines her Latin-American background with her interest in the traditional and social dances, and contemporary art. Escobar's work reflects on memory and cultural identity, and engages with current issues of immigration, hierarchies of power, and cultural perception. Her work organically crosses formal boundaries that traditionally separate disciplines and styles, presenting a holistic perspective of the body that is able to move, speak, and produce sound. More at

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