Saturday, February 25, 2012

Live and Unplugged! More to Come March 19th.

     I am pleased to report that 99% Guerrilla Literature went really well, thanks to everyone involved.  The space provided by Brickbat Revue felt really full, warm and inviting.  The Brewery Arts Colony is a sight to behold, so cool to see artists at work as well as artists in their lofts.  The Brewery Arts Colony once housed Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, hence the name.  Love how arts transforms and revitalizes our urban spaces.

    What's great about story circles also applies to reading/performing live.  There's an intimate bond created among all who are there.  A longing.  Magic.  When Bronwyn Mauldin reads from Streetwise Cycle, you feel the pulse of the city coursing through your veins, the adrenalin sharpening your senses.  When Mathew Timmons conducts his chorale, you're suddenly enchanted and will never look at another credit card offer quite the same way.

     And for me, reading from Junk Bonds, was a thrill for various reasons.  Foremost, normally actors perform for me and I stay behind the scenes, pacing or shaking nervously.  Second, I'm elated that Junk Bonds still resonates today and has re-emerged as a major topic of discussion during interviews.  The themes and issues explored in Junk Bonds are just as relevant today as the day I penned the play.  And perhaps more urgent with the ever widening divide between the haves and the have-nots.  Who has a roof over their head?  Healthcare?  Who can you trust?  Facebook?  Your Bank?  Financial advisers?  The Government?  Google?  Amazon?  Why is your house worth $85 and your monthly mortgage payment $3000?

   No one grows up in this country wanting to be like Oliver Twist, poor, homeless, and unloved.  How did we get here?

   Here are some photos of the event.   I hope you'll join me March 19th for my final workshop at the Annenberg when I read selections from my work.  

    Some of you asked at the reading where to purchase, JUNK BONDS is available from Original Works Publishing (, and yes, Amazon, and can be read on e-readers like Kindle.  Thank you for your support.

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