Monday, March 26, 2012

Closing Times and Thoughts

Thanks to everyone involved, I've had a fabulous time.  So fabulous that some people even asked, can you come back and do this again in a few years?  To that, I do not have the correct answer.  We'll have to ask the Annenberg Beach House and City of Santa Monica.

Last Saturday, knowing that my time was very limited, I ran along the ocean before official office hourse began.  As I returned early, a mother asked if she could take a photograph of me with her young daughter.   I was a little sweaty, a little out of breath, and really didn't want to.  This is L.A., after all, and you're not supposed to let them see you sweat.  But this girl, smiling and full of sunshine, was wearing a Knicks 17 Jersey.  A girl after my own heart.  Bring on the Wang-sanity!

What's a little sweat?  A racing heart?  You can't get anywhere without drive, passion, talent.  

Some of you have visited me to learn more about the residency.  Check the website, look into your heart and soul, look out onto the ocean.  Listen.  To Your Voices.   Voices Lead to Vision.

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