Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Get ready for our new Theater Company in Residence!

Salty Shakespeare is getting ready to start their residency June 4 at the Beach House! They'll be doing a new ultra-short rendition of Hamlet, and Beach House guests can see them rehearse in unexpected places up through their performances July 10-20. Rehearsal schedule and updates will be posted to this blog. They'll also be conducting two lecture/demo/workshops on June 19 and July 3,  so if you want more info and you aren't already on the Beach House email list, join now!

About Salty Shakespeare:

Believing that the mission of art is to disturb the peace - provide a whole new way of seeing something - Salty Shakespeare is taking the Bard to the streets. Having recently erupted with a flash-mob Midsummer Night's Dream on the Venice Boardwalk, Salty is now dropping scenes all across L.A. - Hamlet and Horatio discussing the Ghost on the ramparts in a downtown office elevator; Romeo and Juliet trying reach each other from a balcony and a mezzanine in a public mall; Macbeth and Macduff facing off with a ferocious balloon sword fight. The Salties have almost been arrested twice but nothing deters this brave guerrilla troupe! Turning Shakespeare on his ear since 2010 for a smartphone-enabled generation.

More information about Salty Shakespeare at

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