Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Creating for the Space

In the last couple weeks, Meena and I have been packing in our rehearsals.  We've finally finished the first long dance section, which is about 12 minutes and takes place mostly along the boardwalk and in the rock and palm garden.  It's been a lot of fun working in the garden, tailoring our choices to help show off the beauty of the space.  The next section to work on will take place in the installation of chairs and fences, just in front of the guest house.  Again, for me, the choreography is about showing off the lines and detail of the space that we're working in, and this is definitely a different way of working for me.  As anyone who works mostly in a theater space will tell you, creating a site-specific dance challenges your brain to add a whole new layer, a new dimension, to how you create meaning through movement.  I love it.  Even before working on the beach house residency, I have been drawn to spaces in the environment, and will often see whole dances there, in my mind's eye.  But now, it's even more so!

Musically, Ellen and I have been swapping ideas and drafts back and forth, and we're starting to get a feeling for the arc.  Still, there will be plenty of adjustments to be made closer to the premiere, but it's nice getting a feel for the over-all sound world of the piece.

Costumes, same thing!  Tiffany is working on the outline, or the silhouette of the costumes for Meena and I.  I had to dissuade her (much to her dismay) from using too much chiffon, because with all the hands on/body-on contact we have with the vegetation in the rock and palm garden, our costumes would be hot mess getting stuck on everything!

I won't be on site this week because I'm in Dusseldorf, Germany, but you'll see me again the following week, after Labor Day.  Come say hello!  And then, on September 8th, we'll have our big group rehearsal day with all our community performers!  Can't wait for that.

See you at the beach!


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