Tuesday, July 16, 2013

HYPERBOLE:bard - Interview with Derek Petropolis

Derek Petropolis
The talented Derek Petropolis is currently appearing in Rogue Artists Ensemble's HYPERBOLE:bard. As he's gearing up for another week of bard at the Annenberg Community Beach House, he took a minute to talk about his first experience with Rogue Artists Ensemble:
Rogue Artists Ensemble: How did you get involved in creating HYPERBOLE: bard?  Have you worked on other Rogue HYPERBOLE shows before? 
Derek Petropolis: Well, I'm pretty new to LA and stumbled onto Rogue by chance.  I am a graduate of Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington and generally prefer theatre to film.  I was basically perusing for theatre auditions and came across the HYBERBOLE listing.  It stood out because it was a mask audition (something I have always been quite passionate about.), and I immediately knew that I wanted to be a part of the show.  I have taken classes in mask work but have never had an opportunity to be in a mask and movement based show, so it is quite exciting to be a part of HYPERBOLE!   I have never worked with the Rogues before, but after this experience I can say that I would definitely want to work for this company again.  They are all very close knit, but that didn't stop them to inviting me into their family with open arms.  They are friendly, daring, and talented group.
RAE: What was the process like in developing the piece?  How did it challenge (or not challenge) you as an actor?
DP: I feel like the process for this piece was very unique.  When I came into the process, they had already basically made the show.  They knew which scenes they wanted and had a basic layout for each one.  However, that's not to say that every scene hasn't changed dramatically since we started rehearsals.  In each rehearsal we were encouraged to play around in each scene and just kind of see where the masks take us.  If it went with what had already been established, great.  If it went in a weird and funky new direction, great.  We would play in each mask form and see how it informed the circumstances of each scene.  It was both a total blast, and completely frustrating.
RAE: What is your favorite story or character in the show and why? 
Derek performing in HYPERBOLE:bard
DP: I LOVE the Apothecary character.  The mask is hilarious, but also kind of mysterious and devious.  It really lends itself to being a character to steal the show.  Not to mention all the possibility for all the prop comedy!     I think Taylor has been doing a wonderful job with the character and has really brought it to life.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to take that mask out for a spin...     
RAE: What is it like working at the Annenberg Beach House?

DP: The beach house is an amazing venue for this piece.  For a movement and mask show, I don't think we could have asked for a better space.  The house provides us with lots of different levels, entrances and exits, and provides us with lots of different ways to stage things.  At first it was a bit of challenge to use the space, but I think that made us work harder and come up with a better product.  It is still a challenge everyday to use the space with masks, but that's part of the challenge and fun of the show!

RAE: Why do you think audiences should come see the show?

DP: I think this is an awesome show for everyone to come out and see.  There is truly something for Shakespeare newbies and buffs alike.  The show is easily accessible to audiences of all ages. Its a delicious cake of physical comedy topped of with the tasty icing of wit.  Now the show is a cake.  Who doesn't like cake?

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