Friday, September 25, 2015

Entering Performance

In these moments prior to our first distinct showing of Fixtures I wonder what we will learn in the process of performance and how the energy of a viewing public will inform our understanding of this work. I am also feeling the familiar sense of ease that comes with knowing all we can do is enter what we have created and open up to discovery. We have been in practice for an intense and short period of time, which has allowed for a unique kind of focus and now the ritual of performance day begins. 

But how does this ritual manifest, as we enter this vast site not necessarily defined for performance and enter a work, which less asserts itself in a space than, wants to be part of its surroundings? What does this imply for an explicit meeting with a public? I hope to arrive today with sensitivity and concentration for receiving this encounter and I look forward to being with those of you who will join us.

Here is a video depicting the craniosacral rhythm motion in the skull, brain, and spinal cord. Remembering this helps me inside of Fixtures.

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