Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Week Three: Balance

We (or Us) is shaping up nicely. As we rapidly approach our opening, every rehearsal seems to advance the show leaps and bounds, and new challenges lie around every corner. It never ceases to amaze me how the more you know and practice something, the more familiar you become with an art or activity, the more you realize how much more there is to learn.

A particularly striking lesson made itself apparent a couple days ago. We were working on a piece which features two duets happening on different levels of the house. Both couples knew the choreography and danced beautifully, but there were moments when they were out of sync; that is, moments of imbalance in the stage picture. As one couple has more leeway to move than the other, the immediate solution seemed to be to adjust their floor pattern to compliment the other, more stationary pair. However, there remained a moment that proved to be troublesome- no matter where we placed or moved the mobile couple, the picture just didn't seem right. Then it hit me- move the more confined couple just slightly. We did, and the picture immediately found its balance. The moment reminded me that sometimes, all that is needed to rediscover balance is a small shift in perspective. Pushing the boundary of percieved possiblity ever so slightly presented a solution to the problem. The same principle applies to many aspects of our lives- often, all we need to grasp goals just beyond our reach is a re-evaluation of situation, to turn a "can't" into a "maybe". Whether it's trying to balance on top of another person, a stage picture, a checkbook, or a relationship, changing the way you perceive the circumstances allows for more creative and successful solutions.

All of us here at Post Mortem can't wait to share We (or Us) with you! See you next week!

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