Friday, June 10, 2016

Week One: Introductions

Hi! I'm Kyle Johnston, Business Manager of Post Mortem Movement Theater- thanks for reading! This week marked the ensemble's first week working in the space. Introduction to a new playing space is always exciting, particularly one as beautiful and iconic as the Marion Davies Guest House. It was invigorating to see the performers explore their new environment, reveling in the possibilities allowed by structures surrounding them. The joy and passion in their eyes was touching, and it echoed exactly the kind of joy we seek to lead our audience to discover in We (or Us).

We (or Us) is a piece that, above all, endeavors to invite the audience to celebrate the wondrous aspects of the human experience which connect us all. Exploring themes such as transcendent love, the marvel of creation, and the strength of friendship, We (or Us) uses the classic tales of our ancient mythos to remind us of the beautiful parallels in our own lives and the timelessness of the human spirit. The unique staging of the Guest House will allow us to incorporate and invite the audience into the performance in a more intimate way, connecting them with the players in a deeper and more meaningful manner than typically afforded. The piece has already imparted a warmness and lightness upon the cast, and we can't wait to share it with you!

We (or Us)
An original piece by Post Mortem Movement Theater
Directed by Angela Lopez
Choreography by Andrea Luna and Angela Lopez
Music by Eric Pham and Jess Gabriell Cron

Andrea Luna
Angela Lopez
Jeremy Hahn
Katie Powers-Faulk
Kyle Johnston
Stephen Beitler

Monkey puppet head, pre-completion

Monkey puppet heads

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