Sunday, December 9, 2012

Zoltar Speaks

Predictions for the Next Two Weeks

On the Pier, Zoltar can help all of us.

Consulting him, here is what I have learned.

No, the world will not end this month.

Yes, the Artist in Residence will be back. But no, not next weekend as usual. Instead, Hood has a gig out of town, so will next be in the Marion Davies House on Thursday the 20th.

Yes, the next blog will talk about many interesting things, such as.....

...what our hats reveal about our collective psychology. And also.....

the working process behind the "lost stories" project. Should this young man renting bikes be part of the narrative? (More on this soon!)

Also, coming up in the blog in the next few weeks will be previews about the January and February evening workshops. One session will be about creating great, publishable flash fiction and one will be about instant photography and writing. Both will talk about the pleasures of small details.

Last, I want to do a nature blog. There is for example a relationship between this bird species and syphilis.

(No need to fret. You can't catch it from this seagull. It's a story, not a cause-effect relationship.)

At Zoltar's urging, I also want to talk about the symbolic representations of nature around Santa Monica --- not the venereal gulls themselves, but our appropriation of animal images.

He predicts that these will be long, interesting posts --- due up soon, just as soon as I am back in a week. See you then!

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