Monday, January 30, 2012

Laughter, A Revolutionary Emotion

It's a gorgeous day at the Marion Davies Guest House.

Gloria Steinem said laughter is the most revolutionary emotion.  Why?  Because while you can force someone to love you, fear you, respect you, you can't force someone to think something is funny.

Ever notice how easy it is to make someone cry, especially in the movies where you just cue up the music.

Not only is comedy a gift that keeps on giving, laughter supposedly is the best medicine.  I'm told people who laugh more live longer.  This gives me an even greater appreciation to people who can make you laugh.   Marion Davies was such a person.  A rare comedienne.  Physical and verbal.

Here are some of my favorite gems I discovered in her book, The Times We Had, Life With William Randolph Hearst.

Barbara (Cary Grant's wife) doesn't like to exercise at any time.  I'm the same way.  My exercise is going from chair to chair.

It's a very funny thing -- I just love the smell of a hamburger.  Nothing in life like food to make you feel good and give you strength and make you think nothing matters  You know, I do many bad things in my life that I hate, but when I eat food I think, It's not so bad, after all.

A man working on the Telegram in New York wrote a scathing article about the picture Cain and Mabel;  he said I should be washing dishes.  Little did he know that I loved to wash dishes, and I liked to dry them, too.

That's why I wanted the February 18th workshop to explore our sense of humor, and gifts of love and laughter.

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