Monday, January 23, 2012

Year of the Dragon

Wow, what a harrowing drive today.  Took two hours, gallons of patience and nerves of steel, to get to the Annenberg Beach House today.  Lots of accidents, vehicles of mass and minor destruction dumping water on the windshield, limiting visibility.  One driver nearly collided into me, but luckily I was fully focused.  No texting, No talking on the cell phone (bluetooth falls out of my ear most of the time), no, no, no.  Marion wouldn't have it.  Me dying on the 405.

Some good news, a short play of mine, WIDOW'S PEAK, is a semi-finalist in the 8th Annual Lakeshore Players Ten-Minute Play Festival.  From 350 to 40.  Fingers crossed.

Colin Newton, a reporter for the Santa Monica press, sent me this link this morning to share his article:

In spite of the rain, my writer friend Eric is on his way to visit this historic landmark, and learn more about the Annenberg.  Excited to show him around, and discuss the process, and business of writing.  And to warm the writing fingers and stimulate brain cells, did some creative writing prompts for this private writing group I belong to.  

One of the prompts....
Describe what is outside your window....

What you should never do on a treadmill...

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