Monday, January 16, 2012

Perfect Day for Banana Fishing, Perfect Day at the Annenberg Beach House

Opening Day.  Always conjures up so much excitement.

I recently bought and started reading The Times We Had by Marion Davies, and forced myself to stop.  How cool, I thought, it would be to hear her voice, her laughter, her stories while a writer-in-residence at her guest house.   The sun is out, hear the roar of the PCH as well as the roar of the ocean.   Does it get better than that?

My opening workshop today is full, with people on the waiting list.  Music to my ears.  I love stories, and look forward to sharing.  Stories nourish and elevate the soul.  So happy that I'm not alone in recognizing the importance of the arts.  Already thinking about what might be a barrel of laughs for workshop number two, and a fun tribute to comedienne Marion Davies.

Come visit.

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