Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Strangers No More

Thank everyone for attending yesterday's workshop, New Year, New Beginnings.  It was quite a kick-off, a rocking New Year's celebration.  As one of the participants, Zoe, remarked, "The most intimate thing you can do is tell strangers your stories."

Indeed.  The stories shared nourished, bonded, and inspired us.  Food, and the absence of food.   The high and low notes, flats and sharps, that compose a life.  So much bounty that at the end of our workshop, Zoe offered to cook us a dish that changed her life, and one lovely couple has graciously offered to host this potluck dinner party in their home.  This is yet one example of why I love storytelling.  You never know what will happen.  There's always an element of magic, mystery, and yes, perhaps even "luck."

Learned yesterday that most people think they are lucky in one fashion or another.  Some have parking luck.  Lottery/windfall luck.  Others, good health and the wonderful people in their lives.   Of course, as Beth pointed out, it was really hard not to feel blessed with the stunning view of the ocean before us.   The clear skies, warm sunshine.  And, of course, the people around us, so open and giving.

Strangers no more.

Next office hours, Jan 23rd, Monday 11 AM -- 1 PM
Next workshop, TBA, Feb 18, Saturday 2-4 PM

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