Thursday, June 21, 2012

How Bout Them Rapiers!

I’m pretty Green and Liberal so I’m a little ashamed to assert

that there’s nothing sexier than 2 men fighting with rapiers.

What a shame it all degraded into guns because there’s nothing

as beautiful as the elegant moves behind those long, steel, clinking

swords.  Right?  I mean there are so few of Shakespeare’s plays that

DON’T end with someone slashing SOMEONE with a poison-tipped

rapier.  Well, okay, the comedies.  But he had to put a lot of clowning

in to distract you from the fact that there WERE NO SWORDS!!  It’s

practically not Shakespeare without it.

And when you see these 2 guys playing Hamlet and Laertes (Sam

Hardie and Kevin Railsback)-----both at least 6 ft. tall-----throwing

themselves into those long elegant lunges……..well it won’t be the sun

that’s making your girlfriend swoon (“Lay not THAT flattering unction

to your soul….”).  These guys are GORGEOUS.  Come see for yourself.

Bring your girlfriend.

Nancy Linehan Charles, Artistic Director
Salty Shakespeare

 Photo by Susan Vincent of Vincent Photography

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