Sunday, June 17, 2012

I want to talk about inspiration

I want to talk about inspiration.  Not mine, certainly, but that bright light that walks in the door unexpectedly in the form of an actor.

Things are moving along with HAMLET, but there are times when I feel like a traffic cop on a dam in Holland------ushering people here and there to accomplish what they want…..sticking my finger in the dyke to hold off the deluge until juuuuuuust a teeeeeeeny bit more money comes in.  (Whew!  I was concerned I couldn’t mix those metaphors without drowning.)

Anyway, yesterday I had a rehearsal for just The Players-----that zany troupe of gypsies that comes to Elsinore causing murder to OUT!!!  These guys barely know each other and Tom Beyer and I have written 3 shortened versions (we’re talkin’ 3 minutes each) of other Shakespeare plays:  OTHELLO, MACBETH, ROMEO AND JULIET.  These players will perform them as a pre-show to HAMLET. 

Yesterday we got down to serious blocking of these pieces of fluff, and the actors THREW themselves into it, coming up with bits of business that fractured me.  Working with each other in the finest collaborative way.  Cracking me and each other up as we worked.  I am really the traffic cop;  they are the sleek Mazzerati that zooms through the intersection, pulling all focus.

I love actors.  They’re the funniest,  bravest people on the planet.

- Nancy, Artistic Director of Salty Shakespeare

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